Kitchen renovations and remodel in Miami-Dade County: is there the possibility of financing?

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Regarding kitchen renovations and remodel in Miami-Dade County, as small a project might look from the beginning with a tiny space to transform like a bathroom or a little area in the kitchen, there is always going to be a high related cost since materials, resources and hand work are expensive, without even mention bigger project. However, there is the possibility to count on with financing? You can at Premier Remodeling

A remodeling project is able to skyrocket in price very quickly, depending on the area to cover, desired materials and finish to apply, if there is actually building something from scratch and other factors involved and more. Figures can go as high as several thousands of dollars for kitchen and bathroom remodeling tasks, as well as interior and exterior transformation and flooring. 

Unfortunately, money is the main obstacle when it comes to home renovations and to actually carry out a project that would allow a vision or dream house coming to life on your behalf. In this case, financing is a valuable tool to consider, which is provided by Premier Remodeling in Miami-Dade County and nearby. 

Take advantage of financing for remodeling in Broward County: why to consider it? 

As said in the previous section, remodeling any area in the house as small or big as it might be it represents a considerable amount of money to spend, as an investment that easily can get several thousands of dollars. Since this is the main obstacle for carrying out a remodeling project, financing becomes a great solution to count. 

In simple words, with financing a large sum of money that is related to remodeling can be split into more affordable and easy to pay monthly payments, resulting in a great advantage and possibility to actually bring to life that kitchen, bathroom or house interior you have dreamed about so much. 

But, why to consider financing for remodeling purposes? Some of the benefits respecting this approach are: turning an unaffordable one-time payment into a more affordable one that is paid per month, with no equity, no heavy paperwork and more. These are advantages related to the financing solution provided by Premier Remodeling, with the support of experienced and certified lenders. 

Characteristics of financing services provided by Premier Remodeling  

By hiring us at Premier Remodeling, you as costumer will have the possibility of taking advantage of the financing service for remodeling project, thanks to our lender partners and a general approach designed to help achieving the goal of carrying out that remodeling dream more easily. Some of the characteristics of the financing solution are: 

  • Clients will be able to request financing respecting different amounts and budgets. From small remodeling and repairs to comprehensive projects that will transform an entire kitchen, requesting from 1.000 to 100.000 dollars and in between is suitable. 
  • Get pre-approved in 60 seconds and have the available funds for the project in one business day, tops. 
  • All of the financing projects at Premier Remodeling start at only 6% respecting the annual percentage rate or APR, which is lower in comparison to other providers. The company offers a promotion of 0% for APR in certain times of the year.
  • Concerned about in-depth checking of credit records that might affect financing availability? The company works under the soft-pull approach, so background check is reviewed lightly and with almost no effect on the approval. 
  • Depending on the amount of money to be lend, characteristics of the project and more, financing loans can cover from one to seven-year periods. 

How does financing work at premier remodeling? home renovations in Miami Beach 

If the intention is to request financing with us, the process is very simple and quick by following only three steps: submit the related application that only takes to be filled one minute, check out the different offers and pick the one that is the most suitable for your project and conclude by sending the application to a lender of interest and receive an answer and probable funds in 5 business days, tops. 

For kitchen renovations and house remodeling in Miami-Dade County, count on with Premier Remodeling and request financing to finally see that dream house finally built, with the support of related partners as PayOff, LendingPoint, LendingClub Avant and others.

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