Kitchen remodel cost in Miami Beach: what is the price of a kitchen remodel project?

Kitchen remodeling in Miami: Backsplash installation for your home

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In most cases, one of the things that generate more doubt respecting kitchen remodeling, in general, is pricing, being the reason for many homeowners to feel anxious to even think about this subject, due to how expensive a remodel project can be. Searching for contractor experts and kitchen remodeling cost in Miami Beach to start? Get a free quote and estimate at Premier Remodeling. 

Sure, it would be very difficult to know the exact price a kitchen remodeling project would cost, not only because of the fact that to know that information precisely, details of the actual tasks to be done and dreamed kitchen by the customer and intention must be considered, but also because of the characteristics of projects themselves: particular needs, top or budget materials, unexpected events and more. 

The good news is, before starting the actual project and with the help of typical and average budgets, to make a comparison and breaking it down a proper budget plan will be possible, knowing the elements that affect pricing the most and components and tasks that are more or less expensive. 

Doing a budget for kitchen renovation: different elements 

By planning a budget, it will be possible to breakdown easily the tasks to do, materials, labor and their cost for the whole remodeling project, and in this way have an approximate idea on the total price to pay. 

Also, there are other elements that affect price and budget in general: location of the property and its value, project approach and materials to be installed (or uninstalled), among others. For instance, it is not the same to completely transform a kitchen by demolishing walls and completely change the layout, components and finishes than replacing a few things and retouch. 

In this regard, percentage is a good tool to use when speaking about specific prices is impossible. So, on average for every project the different elements have impact on budget this way: Cabinets with 29%, appliances with 17%, installation uses 13%, countertop uses 11%, lighting and electrical system with 10%, plumbing with 6%, flooring with 5%, backsplash uses 5% and miscellaneous uses 4%. 

Average kitchen remodeling cost in South Florida: let´s address actual figures 

On average in the US, the cost of a kitchen remodel project is of 22.000 dollars. Sure, this is a very ambiguous number that does not tell anything. In fact, budgets respecting these ventures can go as low with 5.000 and skyrocket all the way to 50.000 dollars and more. The different relies on the project scope and related budget, which could be low, medium and high: 

Low remodeling budget:

this budget starts at 5.000 and go up to 15.000 dollars, usually involving fixing and refinishing cabinets and other surfaces, sink or faucet upgrading, wall painting, refinishing countertops with budget materials, little to none appliance upgrade and DIY is involved respecting installation. 

Medium remodeling budget:

from 15.000 to 30.000 dollars, with this sort of budget installers can be hired and add semi-custom cabinets, replace faucets and sinks, add a kitchen island, replace finishes in countertops and backsplashes materials for luxury ones like metal or stone, install high-end appliances and luxury flooring replacement. 

High remodeling budget:

a budget that surpasses 30.000 dollars is considered high-end with possibilities of getting the best of the best: hiring a general contractor, completely customized cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and kitchen island with ultimate finishes in marble or quartz, luxury faucet and sink, high-end and smart appliances, overhead lines and structural modifications for improving gas and water conducts and change layout. 

Interested in knowing actual cost of your kitchen remodel project in Miami? 

The only way to know the actual cost of a kitchen remodel project in details is by getting in touch with a contractor and have the property and actual kitchen inspected, as well as establishing what it is that the customer wants to accomplish, modifications to be made, materials to use and total budget they count on. 

In this way, a real and specialized contractor in kitchen remodeling projects, such as Premier Remodeling will help the customer to carry out the transformation of the space and actually get the client´s idea in paper and then in real life, always considering personal preferences and also giving advices for best decisions according to materials to use, trends and more that go with the budget, offering a cost-effective remodeling solution. 

Premier Remodeling is the contractor of choice when it comes to kitchen remodel cost in Miami Beach, with suitable prices and the possibility of adapting a reasonable budget for the customer so they can see their remodeling vision come true.

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