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In many properties and due to limited space, bathrooms are built on the small side and therefore they end up being tiny but functional, frequently giving homeowners the idea that a small bathroom remodel in Broward County is faster and cheaper. This is not entirely true and while little bathrooms are easier to address in terms of modifications and improvements, it is not that simple. 

In the next section, we will be showing a few recommendations and things to know and consider respecting small bathroom remodeling, for the process and project to develop faster and more efficiently by knowing that comparing transformation ventures between large bathrooms and little ones is not that different. Let´s address this valuable information on behalf of Premier Remodeling as a specialized contractor in the field. 

What to know about small bathroom remodeling in Miami Beach? 

Speaking about size, when we talk about a small bathroom it is often referred to a 50 square feet room or less in a property. The thing is, while a process of remodeling will obviously be quicker and cheaper regarding these tiny bathrooms, it is not an exact rule as you would say that a 150 square feet room will triple the cost and spent time in comparison to a 50 square feet room for remodeling. 

On average, a tiny room will require 70% of the same budget and invested time in comparison to a large room, but why? The reason is simple; as small as a bathroom might be, it includes the same elements to function properly. 

Fortunately, there are a few considerations to have in mind when it comes to carry out a more efficient remodeling project for small bathrooms, allowing reducing costs and get things done faster, with the support of a company with experience in the field as Premier Remodeling. 

Planning small bathroom remodeling in South Florida 

The first consideration to have in mind is the purpose of the remodeling and make a plan. For instance, it is useful to know what type of bathroom is the one to be transformed and if such changes will lead it to be another type of restroom. 

When it comes to small bathrooms, they are usually powder or guest rooms that include toilet, sink and a door, since these are not meant to be used daily, if that approach is required to continue, this is of the easiest and faster projects to complete, even if it involves replacing wall tiles. 

If transformation involves making a powder or guest bathroom into a master or full bathroom, things change and full amenities must be included: tub or shower, vanity, toilet, sink and tub. 

In fact, apart from cost the important thing here is to establish the plan in order: purpose, materials selection, plumbing and electrical built-in structures, dry wall installation, tile and flooring and course, the trend of including cabinetry. 

This plan will allow to set a budget, prioritize things among others and have a clear view of what it is that is wanted from the project, saving time, money and allowing to perform a more efficient work. 

Advices to take into account for small bathroom renovations 

Here are a few recommendations to take into account when carrying out a small bathroom renovation, in order to finish the process faster, cheaper and more efficiently respecting resources and by saving every last bit of space that is so valuable:

  • Take advantage of a corner or hidden-tank toilet: for tiny bathrooms, placing the toilet on the corner is a good way to save space, and to choose trendy hidden-tank ones is even better. 
  • Do not use hanging or pivoting shower doors: this type of doors in small bathroom would be impractical. The recommendation is to use sliding shower doors or a curtain. 
  • Use an extended counter: vanity extended counter near the toilet is very practical at the moment of saving space.
  • Large-pattern tiles and clear colors: for small bathrooms, large-pattern tiles and clear colors are the most suitable choice, by making the space looking bigger and more comfortable.
  • Use large mirrors on walls: one way to save space in small bathrooms is by putting large mirrors on the walls, and in this way hanging one will not be required. 
  • Trough sink and wall-mounted faucet: by choosing these components that go on the wall, space is saved by a lot and look modern at the same time.

With Premier Remodeling, carry out your small bathroom remodel project in Broward County and other cities nearby and get the most of that limited space, with the support of experts in the field that guarantee their work.

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