Kitchen remodeling in Miami: Quartz or granite for the countertop?

Kitchen remodeling in Miami: Backsplash installation for your home

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The kitchen is of the most important and relevant areas in a house. If such space is not adequate, comfortable and functional from any perspective, potential would be wasted with no doubt. 

Take the most out of your property with a beautiful and optimized kitchen remodeling in Miami, with the help of Premier Remodeling. 

From modifying the cabinets or installing new faucets to transform the entire kitchen from the ground up, our skilled craftsmen and contractors will be able to help. 

Get the kitchen of your dreams by hiring us and receive valuable recommendation in choosing materials respecting budget. 

Kitchen remodeling in Miami

Enhance and improve your kitchen in Miami 

Forget about that old kitchen that does not fit your needs, style and design in your house for a new one that does.

By improving and modifying the area completely as you ever wanted. 

Finally enjoy a kitchen at home that your family will love, as an optimized space in function.

Purpose and aesthetic, which at the same time will increase the value of your property in general. 

Be able to do all of this and more in Miami with the help of Premier Remodeling.

We count on professional contractors, such as: builders and designers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and handymen in general, who will take care of bringing the new and improved kitchen to life. 

Whether you are up for a large or small project, our team of skills workers have you covered.

From replacing that leaking and old faucet to add that dream countertop or kitchen island and make the kitchen bigger, anything you have in mind Premier Remodeling and related staff will be able to pull it off. 

Specific kitchen remodeling solutions at Premier Remodeling 

The action of modifying, improving and enhancing a kitchen at every level involves wide and extensive tasks, depending on the homeowner´s intention, purpose and budget. 

At Premier Remodeling, through the outstanding work and expertise of licensed professionals, our customers can see their vision coming together in their property by adding and removing elements, relocating components and enhancing the space layout, functionality and look. 

More specifically, our kitchen remodeling services include an extensive set of solutions, such as: 

  • Cabinetry: cabinets are a very important part of a kitchen, regarding functionality and design.
  • Reface and repair cabinets, replace old ones or have completely new cabinetry installed along with hardware in your property and transform such space. 
  • Countertop: install a beautiful countertop and take functionality to the next level while the kitchen looks way nicer. From granite (we are going to be talking about it in a minute) and laminate to marble and quartz, our experts have skills and precise technique in installing countertops in any of these materials. 
  • Kitchen island: install that beautiful kitchen island you have always dreamed of and improve and boost functionality and looks at the same time. From the efficient design to the suitable style and tool incorporation in the kitchen island, we take care. 
  • Flooring: when it comes to kitchen remodeling, the floor is a very important part. In different materials like tile, wood and laminate, our flooring specialists know how to install and eve repair such floors. 
  • Lighting configuration and electrical installation: a very well illuminated kitchen is one that looks nice, and that can only be achieved by having a good lighting configuration with recessed, pendant lights and elegant fixtures.

We rely on the best electricians for the base electrical installation. 

  • Others: other services include wall removal and space reconfiguration, kitchen sink installation, general repairing and maintenance. 
Kitchen remodeling in Miami

Is it better granite or quartz as countertop material? 

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, one important aspect is the countertop material to choose. In this regard, granite and quartz are very common and good surfaces to consider, which actually share some characteristics. 

For example, in aspect and touch granite and quartz look and feel almost the same, sharing also hardness and durability. 

However, the differences are key: while granite is more expensive and hard to maintenance as it requires sealing every year, quartz does not need procedures to take care of it, whereas is cheaper and completely customizable in color and pattern since is manufactured. 

Hire us today and obtain free quoting and financing possibilities 

We are a specialized company in remodeling projects for residential properties with a decade of experience in the field, located in Miami. 

With the assistance of licensed and insured staff and an outstanding process of planning and execution that guarantees:

High quality work, craftsmanship, precision and timely delivery, homeowners get to have their kitchens transformed like they always wanted. 

If you happen to need a kitchen remodeling in Miami, contact Premier Remodeling and see your vision of a perfect house come to life. Call at (786) 755-3955 for quoting, budgeting and financing options today.

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