Kitchen remodeling in Miami: cool ideas and trends for a kitchen remodel in 2021

commercial kitchen remodeling in Miami, as property owner you can enhance and improve it, so it can live up to specific requirements. 

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Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most important places at home and one where families spend a lot of time, from the first hour of the day and while sipping the first cup of coffee to the last hour after dinner and while having a cup of tea. 

As such, having a place to cook and also to share at the same time as favorite place at home that speak about ourselves in terms of visual preferences, layout and decoration is the thing to do, and this can be done only through a kitchen remodeling and especially when big changes are desired and have not been carried out in years. Interested in a kitchen remodeling? Get a suitable and proper contractor as Premier Remodeling. 

Remodeling the kitchen in Miami-Dade County: why changing and amazing trends to consider

Having an old kitchen that tell nothing about our taste and actual vision is not an option these days, unless having to spend a lot time in a uncomfortable space is a strange wish to have. This is when remodeling comes to the table as perfect option to enjoy a completely makeover to provide that fresh, beautiful and more functional space. 

From a simple coat of paint on the walls to complete transformation and remodel, to have the kitchen of your dreams is a must. Carry out the project of your dream respecting your kitchen with Premier Remodeling and enjoy new cool design, function and layout trends that are tendency in 2021: 

Update to a new and fun backsplash 

No kitchen remodeling is complete if the backsplash is not addressed, as the area that suffers use and even abuse where vegetables are cut and the cake batter is made. The current trend respecting backsplashes depends on the preference and budget. 

For instance, metal backsplashes in kitchens are way more common now than ever, since they look beautifully crafted and shine and at the same time provide functionality in a very easy to use area, capable of supporting high temperatures and spills. 

For those with higher budgets, renovating the backsplash and add a new one made of marble with matte or glossy finish is also a trend, with matching countertops and on the kitchen island. 

Adding a kitchen island: definitely a must 

Speaking about kitchen islands, when it comes to transform this space the island is an element that should be renovated, or more importantly, added in the case of not counting with one yet. The kitchen island is a central point in the kitchen with a functional surface, a faucet, cabinets and even electric wiring, saving space. 

The latest trends respecting kitchen islands involve marble, granite and other natural stones that provide that amazing look and finish. Nevertheless, in the case a tied budget is something to consider, more traditional slabs made of ceramic tile or laminate can also be used and look equally amazing. 

Just remember, surroundings of a kitchen island must be large and comfortable enough for having people around with no issue, with at least 44 inches of available space. 

Yes, appliances are part of kitchen remodeling too 

In most of the occasions, appliances are not considered at the moment of renovating a kitchen, which is a huge mistake. Not only appliances are the devices that get things done in the kitchen and help keeping life easier, but they also are able to incorporate value to the property and improve efficiency and directly affect the looks and visuals.

Respecting current trends for appliances, depending on the color scheme of the kitchen, choosing silver freezers, stoves and microwaves is the way to go, although many manufacturers are starting to incorporate black color to the product lines for that desired contrast and bold kitchen designers.

Remember, since appliances are long-term investments always consider, performance, functionality and look in the same way. 

Contrast and good lighting is the way to go 

kitchen remodel

Apart from the color scheme, new design and remodeling trends for kitchens in 2021 embrace contrast and lighting, with bold layouts where the deepest of blacks and those shinny marble white oaks make the perfect combination and look modern and interesting to the eye. 

For example, countertops include a clear color while cabinets are darker, at the same time contrasting materials with granite, ceramic or marble with different glossy or matte finish.  

Renovate and revalue your property and get to enjoy a kitchen remodeling in Miami, and be able to see your dreamed vision come true. Premier Remodeling will help you do that with an experience team of designers and professional workers.

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