Home renovations in Broward County: new tendencies for interior remodeling

Interior remodeling in Miami: Improving your home office in every way

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Remodeling a home on the inside is the best way to make such space to speak for ourselves and show personal preferences, style and taste in general, looking beautifully and at the same time areas can be improved and work better. 

Now, when it comes to home renovations in Broward County and nearby areas, Premier Remodeling is the ideal contractor to hire as experienced company with skilled workers and designers that take advantage new trends, respecting designs, materials and general layout and even inspired on people´s behavior and way of live. Let´s take a look at these new tendencies. 

Remodeling in Miami Beach: how interior design changed due to COVID-19 outbreak 

Before getting into the latest tendencies respecting interior remodeling, it is important to point out that many of the new trends have been directly influenced by the contingency of COVID-19, with more than a year that started and changed the way people live until this day. 

For instance, homeowners and their families are spending more time at home and therefore, their needs have changed and require more productive space, influencing new layouts and remodeling purpose for that specific reason. 

People are working and studying indoors now, requiring suitable spaces for that with more privacy, along with plans that transformed into entertainment spaces due to confinement. Also, security concerns are now more addressed than ever and considered when remodeling. Let´s take a look: 

Dedicated spaces: the Key for this year´s interior remodeling Trend 

Design and remodeling implication and set of tendencies completely changed this year due to the way of life brought by the contingency and related confinement. One of the most important, if not the most is about dedicated spaces. 

Before, and by that we mean last year, the general trend respecting interior remodeling that was preferred by people was the open space, as a concept that is known for areas with relevant central spaces to walk and sitting in. 

Since now there is at least twice as much time spent in a house by family number and three times more are studying and working at the same time, the concept was changed for a more useful dedicated space, with more people putting walls to enjoy silent and privacy while teleworking across the entire property. 

And not only for productivity purposes, ever since homeowners are transforming and dedicating spaces for recreational purposes too: installing a home theater, a gaming room, a gym or more. 

Home office is the priority for remodel in South Florida this year 

Continuing with the subject of COVID-19, for many people the contingency and resulting way of life caused by it is not going away any time soon. So, the tendency is teleworking and be productive from home, and this means in home offices as priorities. 

More than ever, homeowners are bringing down walls and raising others up respecting needs and requirements to come with better space for working. Rarely used rooms like attics, basements, empty rooms and more are being transformed into state-of-the-art spaces with desks, computers and other appliances to work better. 

These new created and transformed spaces are powered now by technology and different devices that make them more smart and purposeful: smart thermostats for better thermal conditions, Bluetooth speakers for audio, high-end wired and wireless connection to the internet and more. 

Interest in outdoor living: the other side respecting current home renovations 

Interior remodeling addresses indoor aspects of a home or office, and while currently the tendencies have changed due to the frequent topic of contingency that has had so much influence by making people staying at home for more than they would like, there is the other side that is people being interested in outdoor living in their property. 

While now one can leave their premises during restricted lockdowns, homeowners in general are looking at their gardens, backyards and other exterior spaces to transform into the best and spend time in these green spaces, in order to breathe fresh air at least indoors. 

This translates into exterior remodeling boosting up, with people caring about their outdoors kitchens, pools and barbeque areas on their backyards. At the same time, remodeling interest relies on changing layout and color schemes, window reinstallation and replacement, along with other transforming trends. 

Looking for to carry out a home renovation project in Broward County? Get the interior of your house and also exterior to look exactly as you want, following the most recent trends in design and also in optimizing resources and save money, thanks to Premier Remodeling. Ask for your free quote now.

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