Home remodeling in Miami: Role of financing in property renovations

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It is dream of many homeowners to see their house finally remodeled.

Now, for those searching for home remodeling in Miami, Premier Remodeling is definitely the general contractor to count on for such relevant job.

Improve and enhance your property, so it can meet your requirements in many different aspects. 

However, it is no secret for anyone that while many have the desire of improving and renovating their houses, there is a key aspect to consider; cost and money. 

In other words, remodeling projects are expensive, even those with less tasks to perform. The good news is, with us you have the possibility of asking for financing options. 

Taking advantage of financing possibilities at Premier Remodeling

Everybody knows; renovation projects for any property translate into big expenses, even including those less demanding or smaller ventures.

IHome remodeling in Miami: Role of financing in property renovations
Home remodeling in Miami: Role of financing in property renovations

From simple restoration and repairing to those complete home transformations, modifications cost big money.

At Premier Remodeling, we know it well due to the experience in the field and presence – over a decade in business – that home changes come with great expenses.

Fortunately, we also know that financing is a tool that can help you make the dream of enhancing your home come true. 

Whether you are thinking on enhancing the kitchen, expanding your master bedroom or even adding a new deck and get rid of the other, we have you covered. 

Not only we will take care of executing the project and every task involved with the best contractors; builders, designers, handymen and more, but also we will take care in offering financing options. 

In this way, paying the great amount that the related project would cost can be paid in more affordable monthly payments. Read on to learn how it is exactly that the funding process works.

How to obtain funds for your renovation project in Miami 

Premier Remodeling as company allows to request financing, so you can pay affordable monthly quotes and finally see that renovation project coming to life. To do it, as business we partner with another one that specializes in the lending industry; Enhancify. 

In details, Enhancify is a funding and lending marketplace online that will offer you leading lenders only, certified and ready to fund your remodeling venture.

From the list, you can select the lender of your choice and start the requesting process. 

How is the submitting process started?

It is simple, quick and with no hassle. First, you access Premier Remodeling´s official website and submit the related application, which takes to complete a minute. 

Then, you have to access Enhancify´s website and search for the leading lender you consider the best for your project.

Our recommendation is: you should take your time and check reviews and conditions of the lender. 

Finally, conclude and fill your application with the lender and wait for five business tops to get an answer.

By doing so, you will be taking advantage of a market that has loaned more than 7 billion dollars in volume, with over 15 lending networks and the fastest pre-approval time.

Home remodeling in Miami: Role of financing in property renovations
Home remodeling in Miami: Role of financing in property renovations

Of the most recommended leading lenders, there are options like: Sofi, Best Egg, Upgrade, Avant and Lending Club, among many others. 

Why should you hire us and ask for financing options with us?

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire us as remodeler and general contractor. To begin with, we are a company with experience in the industry, as well as the workforce to carry out the best project. 

We pride in addressing every renovation venture with interest and detail, focusing on precision, ultimate installation and repairing techniques and top-notch workmanship. 

At the same time, our business involves completely by planning, designing and executing, with the intention of guaranteeing the best outcome.

Affordable rates, quality craftsmanship, fully capable and licensed professionals and experience allow us to do it. 

On another part, our financing option partnered with Enhancify provides the best lending solution in town. 

For instance, enjoying advantages like: promotional 0% APR, limit up to 100.000 dollars for largest projects, funds available in days and not weeks, instant pre-approval, soft pull and up to 7 years of paid period. 

Get in touch and fund your remodeling project 

Finally finance that incredible home remodeling project in Miami you have had in mind for so long. Transform your house as you desire and make it fits your needs in visuals and functionality. 

At Premier Remodeling, you can find the monetary and execution resources to do it.

Feel free to contact us and let us know all about your renovation requirements, at (786) 755-3955 make your dream of the perfect home come true.

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