General contractors in Miami: Should I hire a general contractor or handyman?

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In relation to any improvement you want to carry out in your home, addressing it with a DIY approach is not recommended.

Whether you need a small enhancement or rebuild a complete section of your property, you need a general contractor in Miami to have it done. 

Premier Remodeling is the general contractor you need, so you can make your dream of your perfect house come true, by adding those kitchen or bathroom elements or improving the living room in terms of finishes and general aesthetics. 

As main contractor, we offer every service possibility and requirement you need to transform and improve your home, no matter the modification´s nature and project´s scope.

Keep on reading to find out more and know the difference between general contractors and handymen. 

General contractors in Miami
General contractors in Miami

Trust your home renovation projects to general contractors at Premier Remodeling 

Handling large renovation projects performed in residential properties is not an easy thing to do.

With many processes that must be covered, there is the need to count on with experts that manage and control everything that is related with the venture. 

General contractors are those professionals who can perform this function, and Premier Remodeling is the ideal one for any renovation project in the city of Miami.

Get assistance from an experienced and capable company and be able to remodel and improve your house. 

Whatever you need; transforming the kitchen and modifying the layout, install a new roof or a completely renovated flooring system, we have you covered by the best professionals in every required field. 

Actually, as your general contractor that will take care of every aspect of the renovation project to be performed in your property, Premier Remodeling will address,

hire and oversee the work of every worker respecting completing the project´s tasks. More on that sub-contractor matter later. 

A general contractor that have everything under control in Miami 

As homeowner, you want your house to be renovated by taking care of every detail. The only way of achieving this is by getting the project under the professional expertise of a general contractor as Premier Remodeling in Miami. 

But, what does a general contractor do exactly? To begin with, it is the company that handles and controls every aspect of the renovation project, taking care of everything and make sure every tasks is completed as intended. 

As general contractor in the city, this is what we do: 

General contractors in Miami
General contractors in Miami
  • Securing the premises of the property to guarantee safety of the workers and owners.
  • Involving from the planning, conceptualization and design to the actual building and later project completion, at an architectural and finish levels. 
  • Hiring or having at disposal the right skilled, licensed and insured staff of professionals sub-contractors to get this done, including from plumbers and carpenters to designers, builders, electricians and handymen in general. 
  • Overseeing, checking and scheduling the job and tasks performed by sub-contractors, in order to guarantee top-notch workmanship, attention to detail and precision. 
  • Taking care of liability and workers´ compensation insurance in case of any incidental.
  • Making sure installation processes meet with manufacturers´ requirements in case of claiming warrantees. This is particularly important at moment of addressing roofing, siding or similar projects. 
  • Guarantying suppliers respecting resources and equipment to get things done. 
  • Cleaning up after the project is finish by getting rid of related disposals and debris, which are result of different construction tasks. 

Should I hire a general contractor or handyman? 

At the moment of carrying out a small or large renovation in their property, homeowners usually have doubts about hiring a general contractor or a handyman.

However, the choice may be quite clear depending on the specific needs the projects involves. It goes something like this: 

  • Large and comprehensive kitchen remodeling ventures with layout modification and adding or removal of different elements require general contractors. Changing or repairing kitchen cabinets or checking lighting wiring is work for a handyman. 
  • Remodeling a bathroom completely by changing tiling, shower and space distribution is better for a contractor, while addressing a faucet replacement or plumbing repairing require a handyman. 
  • Renovating a home completely in terms of roofs, plumbing system, drywall, electrical system or exterior and interior remodeling and redesign is job for general contractors, while painting or fixing the ceiling is best for handyman. 

Get the best general contractors at Premier Remodeling. We will take care of everything your project involves, so the result is an improved property in every way. Call at (786) 755-3955 and request info on financing possibilities and hidden-fee free quoting. 

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