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The floor of your house is one of the most influential elements when it comes to first impressions and general aesthetic of the place. 

Therefore, a bad floor is going to make your home look bad and like proper caring has been neglected – and probably has –, while remodeling is an expensive option.

The good news is, in many cases floors are in bad condition due to wear and tear, lack of maintenance and more, but usually damage is on the surface. 

In this case, a floor refinishing in Miami is the perfect solution to bring your flooring back to life, and Premier Remodeling can help you with such renovation project. 

Floor refinishing in Miami
Floor refinishing in Miami

Tart up the floor of your house and make it shinny at Premier Remodeling 

With time and especially when a floor has not been taken care of with proper maintenance, such neglecting situation causes different signs of damage to the surface and general structure. 

No matter the flooring material, looking after it becomes critical if the intention is to extend its lifespan, condition and looks. 

From scrapes to staining, scratching and general wear and tear, there are many ways in which you can see a floor is not in proper shape. 

Now, replacing a flooring system entirely can be very expensive and while worn conditions might be bad, they frequently do not need such drastic measure. This is when a floor refinishing service in Miami becomes quite handy. 

At Premier Remodeling you can find the most trained, capable and suitable flooring contractors to get the renovation project on your floor done, bringing the surface back to life again so it can shine as once did in the past. 

Take advantage of a less expensive but fully-fledge reconditioning solution specifically designed for residential buildings, avoiding reinstallation or replacement venture that might turn out quite costly depending on the flooring materials. 

Refinish the floor of your property in Miami and give its looks back  

If you are dealing with a bad looking floor, the thing to do is calling the experts.

In Miami, Premier Remodeling have you back by relying on flooring professionals and experts in the field, who will be able to evaluate the conditions of the surface, building material and the best way to proceed. 

Refinish the floor of your property in Miami
Refinish the floor of your property in Miami

This is very important. Not all floors are made of the same materials and in fact, building resources are very different from one another, and therefore you need to count on real flooring specialists to know exactly how the refinish could be performed. 

With us, you do not have to worry about anything. Our staff will apply refinishing techniques for reconditioning and repairing your floor, in relation to the specific flooring material to be addressed. 

Here are some of the refinishing procedures we carry out at Premier Remodeling in Miami, depending on the flooring surface: 

  • Hardwood: hardwood is of the most frequent flooring materials out there. Durable and expensive, hardwood can suffer from scratches and staining with time. 

Luckily, with us you get to return it back to its shiny glory by performing waxing and sanding procedures, as well as protecting with specialized paint coating. 

  • Vinyl: another homeowners´ favorite when it comes to flooring surfaces. Now, with vinyl there is a different store than hardwood, being less expensive but way more prone to be scuffed, worn and deteriorated. 

Due to the asphalt-based material, this type of floor is refinished by using polishing and buffing processes. 

  • Tile: with tile, wear and tear is less prone in comparison to the cracking risk that increases as time goes by. At Premier Remodeling, even crack situation can be repaired on behalf of the best specialists. 
  • Stone: stone-based flooring is lasting and durable. However, unfavorable conditions and no maintenance can make it look faded and worn out. Bring it back with a specific refinishing solution based on polishing, waxing and buffing.

Recover your floor in Miami and have a discount today 

If you need a floor refinishing in Miami, count on Premier Remodeling to get the ventured completed. We are an experienced company in the remodeling industry, providing the best in the business in Miami. 

Enjoy a timely delivery, precision and attention to detail respecting your floor refinishing project. Our staff will make sure of that working with responsibility, professionalism and accountability. 

Call at (786) 755-3955 and request for a quote. By doing so, you will be able to apply for a 10% discount and access valuable financing options, so you can see your house renovated and improved.

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