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Exterior areas and spaces in any home are relevant these days, even becoming a very important part of a property regarding how it looks and that first impression it gives.

When such exterior does not look that good or spaces are not being properly used, the potential of having a striking appearance is lost.

This is where Premier Remodeling comes in, as the ideal option for exterior remodeling in Miami. 

When it comes to exterior areas of a house, there are not just a few and the actual spaces to be improve might be plenty. Decks, backyards, fronts, porticos, patios and BBQ and pool areas are just a few to name.

See each area as an opportunity to increase value in your property and make it your own, with unique style, design, finish and functionality.

Make it happen with our help, service plans, experience and skilled professionals. 

Renew and improve your house exterior with Premier Remodeling 

Renew and improve your house exterior with Premier Remodeling 

From that basic painting that renew the exterior walls in your property so they can look nice.

To complete deck transformation so you can enjoy an amazing outdoor area,

We are ready to help you with your remodeling project. 

Premier Remodeling in Miami provides specialized exterior renovation solutions.

Interested in changing that front entrance or adding a new patio with outstanding installation? We can do that for you.

Receive the best contractors in the field for the job. 

Increase your properties´ appeal and value by improving every space while you make it your own with suitable renovations.

For instance, enhance outdoor space available by turning it into a BBQ area to enjoy with your friends, or simply build a new pool or patio to spend time with the children and play safely. 

Our services include installation, repairing, modification and transformation by adding, removing and building tasks in your property.

Also, by hiring us as exterior remodeling contractor in Miami, you will be able to count on with handyman services. 

These are necessary for that ultimate finish and functioning in general:

painting, window installation, gutters, roofing and more make part of exterior remodeling, depending on the project and its scope. 

Exterior remodeling in Miami: Add more function space  

Carry out that exterior remodeling project you dream of in your property. Our service includes: 

Deck and patios:

enjoy of outstanding craftsmanship in deck and patios remodeling. Have a good time with your family outdoors while being safe at home. 


extend the living space and functional area in your backyard. Make this room your own for entertainment or for sharing with friends and family.

Swimming pool:

add a pool that is smartly engineered and aesthetically designed and added in your property. Have that infinite edge or informal pool in your home. 

Outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas:

add or improve outdoor kitchen and BBQ areas in your property and have that incredible space to enjoy with friends. Are you needing kitchens with barbecue grills or even pizza ovens? We are the ones to call. 

Why consider Premier Remodeling in Miami?

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Exterior remodeling in Miami: Add more function space

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider Premier Remodeling as your ideal contractor for exterior renovating projects in your home.

To begin with, we are a company with over 10 years of experience and such time in the field only means something:

expertise and valuable knowledge. 

These are mandatory characteristics at the moment of addressing and carry out a remodeling project, no matter the size.

Hand in hand with experience, relying only on licensed and insured experts in each of their professional is another relevant reason why hiring us. 

We count on with a team of skilled workers that know exactly what to do and how to face remodeling projects.

Our professional contractors work under unnegotiable values that make our company known:

responsibility and timely delivery, affordability, quality craftsmanship, client-center focus, experience, involvement and financing possibilities.  

At Premier Remodeling, we believe there is no other way of getting things done but giving the best in every project, one at the time. 

Contact us for remodeling guidance and free estimation 

For exterior remodeling projects in Miami and transform that space in your property to make it your own, call Premier Remodeling by calling at (786) 755-3955.

We will be thrilled to hear from you and by knowing more details we will be able to provide a free estimate, according to project scope. Feel free to call or pay us a visit in Miami, Florida. 

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