Easy financing for remodeling in Miami

Easy financing for remodeling in Miami

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Having our dream house is something most of us want at some point.

We really desire our property to look beautiful and according to our preference in design, style, decoration and even respecting use of space, optimization and efficiency. 

The easiest way to achieve this goal is through financing. Fortunately, when it comes to remodeling you can count on Premier Remodeling for funding and renovate your house. 

Whether you need to renovate your living room or improve the bathroom to make it pretty and efficient again, financing is a great tool to rely on.

In fact, for most homeowners to be financed respecting any remodeling project is the only way to actually carry out the renovating job. 

If not, it is really difficult to even start transforming a space due to the required funds, even for the smallest renovation project in any property.

However, we provide a sustainable and adequately designed funding and payment scheme that will allow you remodeling your home with ease.

Know more about financing and respecting details as you continue reading. 

Financing options at Premier Remodeling 

Easy financing for remodeling in Miami

At Premier Remodeling, we know that any renovation or transformation task or project is expensive.

As small or big a remodeling venture might be, in many cases costs reach several thousands of dollars quickly, depending on the characteristics and general job to do. 

Usually, the majority of remodeling ventures in any property involve general repairs, rebuilding and installation tasks.

Such job require hard work and use of resources, materials and advanced tools. All of this translates into great expenses, even for small renovation plans in a kitchen or in a backyard

Now, we consider each remodeling project as an investment that will bring many benefits, in terms of value, comfort and joy in general for our clients.

That is why; we believe in financing as the best way to facilitate our customers to carry out remodeling and repairing tasks at their property. 

Through funding, a large sum and purchase in general that would be hard to pay at once is divided into smaller quotes and monthly payments.

Therefore, to pay for the whole remodeling venture would be easier.

At Premier Remodeling and on behalf of Enhancify, you will be able to have easy financing for remodeling in Miami, and see how your dream house come true.

Why finance for remodeling in Miami? Characteristics and benefits

As mentioned before, financing makes easier for our customers to actually get going a remodeling project in their property.

Each funding solution involves these specific characteristics to consider: 

  • You can request up to 100.000 dollars in funding, with a minimum amount of 1.000 dollars. 
  • Enjoy a promotional APR-free financing available right now. No interests to pay at the beginning. 
  • Quick funds availability in one-business day. 
  • 6% APR payment after certain period of time. 
  • Instant pre-approval with no hassle. 
  • Simple 60-second application to fill out. 
  • Establish from 1 to 7 year terms and settlement. 
  • Soft-pull approach. Credit reports are only reviewed for checking purposes.

There are many reasons why getting funds and general financing is a good idea, at least when you hire us as your remodeling contractor that gives you that possibility.

Among these advantages you have: 

  • Make a large sum of money and remodeling total cost into monthly payments that are determined and with a set-end date.
  • Otherwise, paying a large amount of money remodeling projects may involve would be very difficult. 
  • A major purchase may put at risk your family´s savings.
  • This is not the case when you rely on financing. 
  • Do not deal with the hassle of paperwork or bank meetings.
  • You can get that house renovation you need quicker, in a business day even through our financing solution. 

Financing at Premier Remodeling: How does it work?

Easy financing for remodeling in Miami

In order to provide the best financing solution for your remodeling project, we have teamed up with Enhancify. In details, Enhancify is a market place where you will be able to find different funding options and lenders for your venture.

Connect in real-time and with qualified and certified leading lenders quickly. All you have to do is fill out this 60-second application here, review lenders´ offers and wait for 1 to 5 business days for approval.

Some leading lenders you can count on are Payoff, LendingPoint or Marcus. 

Would you like to talk to us in person about financing for remodeling in Miami? Call us at (786) 886-3321 to know more. 

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