Deck remodeling in Miami: Beautify the exterior of your property

Deck remodeling in Miami

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Exterior areas of your home should always be zones where you can have a good time, relax and provide comfort to you and your guests.

At the same time, such areas should also be beautiful and match the overall house´s design and homeowner´s personal preferences. 

Now, when it comes to exteriors the deck is a very important aspect to address, if you want to have that outstanding and beautiful backyard as outdoor living space to enjoy with family and friends.

Whether you want to repair, build or modify your deck Premier Remodeling can help you with a deck renovation in Miami. 

Have that incredible composite or wooden deck, specifically designed with custom features that meet your requirements for aesthetic and functional purposes.

We have the contractors and professional staff that can make this possible. 

Renovate your deck exactly as you have dreamed of at Premier Remodeling 

Renovate your deck exactly as you have dreamed of at Premier Remodeling 
Renovate your deck exactly as you have dreamed of at Premier Remodeling 

The deck is a space to enjoy and spend time with loved ones within your property, taking advantage of a great weather and turning such area into a great outdoor living space.

The thing is, only a nice and strong deck that matches your house´s decoration and purpose is able to deliver. 

Premier Remodeling offers you comprehensive remodeling options that include deck areas, allowing to improve, build and repair them as you wish. 

Our professional staff of builders, carpenters, designers and handymen in general are capable of pulling off any project you have in mind, no matter its scope or reach. 

We will help you choose the best materials according to budget, in order to build a surface that endures hard conditions, at the same time being easy to maintain and hassle-free. 

Make your dream come true of having the perfect deck. Premier Remodeling as experienced company in the field of deck renovation in Miami will assist you, so you can see your wish turn into reality. 

Deck building and remodeling process in Miami 

Our remodeling services includes a wide-ranging deck renovation solution, as an important part of exterior improvement and enhancement. 

Whatever your project involves: repairing, replacement or building completely from scratch, our professional and skilled contractors are ready to go, following an accurate process that guarantees precision and the greatest outcome as possible. 

The steps of the building and repairing process for decks at Premier Remodeling in Miami are:

  • Project evaluation: in order to start the renovation process, we need to know the purpose, features and characteristics of the project in terms of requirements, expectation, budgeting and others you might have. 
Choosing materials for your new or repaired deck
Choosing materials for your new or repaired deck

In this way, depending on the personal preferences and needs, we can design a plan to follow and check all the boxes and have the best results in finish, materials and money invested. 

  • Deck construction process: having completed the previous process, the deck repairing or construction process starts. 

Through our specialized staff, we being building the deck foundations, following quality standards in the structure building with strong beams, durable joists, spacing and more that guarantees safety, as well as meeting local building regulations. 

Then continues the construction of other components like lighting trims, railing, decking system and the integration of benches and bars and other components, besides the general framing. 

Choosing materials for your new or repaired deck 

In relation to decks, their structure can be made of different materials, looking quite distinctive from one another and having also wide levels of endurance, maintenance requirements and more.

Among the materials you can find at Premier Remodeling, there are: 

  • Treated wood: of the most frequent materials. Usually, treated wood has as characteristics to be cheaper than others, but requiring maintenance on the mid and long run on common basis. It is not the strongest either. 
  • Redwood, cedar and hardwood: needing modest to low maintenance, redwood, cedar and hardwood are common decking materials too, they are way more expensive than pressure treated wood, though. 
  • Composites: PVC-based resources and others make part of composites as ideal decking material, with low to none maintenance requirement, great longevity and durability respecting scratches, staining and fading. Initial costs can be expensive. 

Get in touch and request financing options today 

If you wish to renovate your house and have your deck remodeled in Miami, Premier Remodeling as specialized company can help you. Rely on the best contractors in the city with proper licensing, insured and skilled to guarantee the best results. 

Call us in at (786) 755-3955 so we can come up with a custom plan that fits your needs respecting budget and personal preference for the ideal decking project. 

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