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Commercial bathroom remodeling in Miami

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A comfortable, illuminated, nice and functional bathroom is the perfect retreat to have and enjoy in your home, particularly after a long day of work when you need to rest and relax. 

Now, the only way to achieve this, in case you do not have a space with these characteristics in your house is by carrying out a bathroom remodeling in Miami.

Without question, the best contractor for the job in the city is Premier Remodeling, because of its reputation and service characteristics. 

Be able to modify, enhance and transform your bathroom according to your specific needs respecting style, design and trend, functionality, layout, use of space and more. 

With us, you have your project covered in every way no matter its reach and what includes, from the lighting and vanity cabinetry to the shower, faucet, toilet and related modifications, removal and additions

Keep reading to know more about our service and how we meet with the conditions on how to choose the best contractor.

Transform your bathroom as you always have dreamed in Miami 

bath remodeling miami
berBathroom remodeling in Miami

An old, ugly and poorly distributed bathroom is not the best space to relax and rest after long daily routines, as it should be. 

Change that and finally get to enjoy a nice, beautiful and improved bathroom from the aesthetic.

Use of resources, layout and functionality points of view, by performing a bathroom remodeling project. 

At Premier Remodeling, you can count on the necessary experts and professionals to carry out the demanding tasks of enhancing a bathroom at every level. 

From plumbers and builders to designers, electricians, carpenters and different handymen.

You can see the vision of the perfect bathroom coming to life, with the perfect shower, toilet, vanities, cabinets, illumination and space layout that will bring comfort and great looks to such important area in your property. 

Wide set of service features for bath remodeling at Premier Remodeling 

Bathrooms are spaces with different components that must work properly both independently and as a whole. The purpose of bathroom remodeling solutions is to improve the area completely or by sections by performing removal and addition tasks that involve every element. 

Being like this, our bathroom renovation services address every section to be modified, as large, medium or small the project might be in terms of the homeowner´s intention and budget. 

The wide set of service features and possibilities for bath remodeling we offer includes: 

  • Toilet installation: a bathroom remodel probably would not be complete with a toilet installation. Replace or have installed a new, more efficient and better looking toilet that fits better with the new bathroom, at the same time it saves water. 
  • Shower door installation: the shower is of the most important areas in a bathroom, requiring a door for privacy purposes and also having impact on the general aesthetic. We provide shower door installation in beautiful material like glass and acrylic. 
  • Vanity installation: the cabinets are imperative part of the vanity in any bathroom, having great functionality. Transforming the entire space includes a vanity installation in materials like wood, laminate and steel in the most gorgeous finishes and colors that fit and boost style.
  • Faucet, sink and shower installation: what would be of a bathroom without nice and efficient faucets that save water and add style? We rely on licensed professional plumbers to install faucet, sinks and showers in different models. 

Forget about that old and leaking faucet and inefficient shower. We have from digital, thermostatic to shower models and vessel and undermount sinks.

  • Bathtub installation: give that unique and perfect touch for your bathroom that is perfect for relaxation with a bathtub. From alcove and freestanding to drop-in and corner bathtub, any model you need we can install it precisely in your property. 
  • Lighting system: a good bathroom should be well illuminated with a good lighting system with pendant and recessed lights, along with nice and strong fixtures. Our electricians allow this and more. 
  • Flooring: from the most traditional ceramic and laminate tiles to beautiful vinyl and carpet slates, you can have the most beautiful and strong flooring in your bathroom. 

Finding a good contractor for bathroom remodeling 

berBathroom remodeling in Miami

A good contractor to hire with the intention of performing bathroom remodeling projects must have the following characteristics: 

  • Perfect track record and customer´s satisfaction rate. 
  • Licensed, insured and qualified staff and professionals. 
  • Available online portfolio with the latest finished projects. 
  • Timely delivery and quick attention and visiting in the property. 
  • Safety measures. 
  • Affordable prices and financing plans. 
  • Checked experience. 
  • Clear planning, designing and building steps in every project. 

Fortunately, Premier Remodeling is an established company in Miami that has all of the aforementioned valuable characteristic a remodeling contractor must have to carry out demanding and challenging bathroom renovation projects. 

Are you searching for bathroom remodeling in Miami? Get in touch with Premier Remodeling today and ask for a quote online calling at (786) 755-3955  and let us know all about your project and what you have in mind for your property and bathroom.  

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