Bathroom renovations in Miami-Dade County: Beautiful ADA bathrooms

Bathroom renovations in Miami-Dade County

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Having a comfortable and beautiful bathroom in our place is very important.

At the end of the day, such space is one of the most private and relaxing to enjoy after daily routine.

However, from the visual and functional standpoints, a bathroom must include all of the accommodations that are needed. 

For the elderly and the physically impaired, this used to be a challenge until ADA compliant bathrooms came along as a bathroom renovation option in Miami-Dade County.

Premier Remodeling is a contractor in Miami that is able to carry out renovations with such special characteristics. 

Bathroom renovations in Miami-Dade County

Get to know more about ADA compliant bathrooms in your property.

As a way of renovating and specially improve this space, particularly from the functional point of view, but also from the visual and design perspective.

All of us have the right to enjoy a nice looking and useful bathroom with inclusive approach and every accommodation possible, especially when impediments are involved. 

Remodeling a bathroom for it to be ADA compliant at Premier Remodeling 

Transform that old bathroom into a nice and comfortable ADA compliant space that is perfect for the elderly and disabled people.

In details, ADA that stands for American with Disabilities Act, as a legislation that establishes laws that forbid discrimination against handicapped individuals. 

In this regard, when “ADA compliant” is referred to, it means that spaces with this certification meet certain accessibility and functionality characteristics.

In the same way, this particular approach involves every accommodation of the space, so impaired people using it feel comfortable. 

At Premier Remodeling, we believe not only the functional and accessibility aspects are important, but also the design and style of the bathroom so it can be nice, relaxing and beautiful for every user. 

With ADA guidelines and an approach that gives interest to comfort, use of space and look, the result will be an actual bathroom elderly and disabled people would be able to enjoy, no matter which impediment they deal with.

Characteristics of an ADA bathroom 

Specifically, bathrooms that meet ADA requirements have concrete characteristics in terms of space, elements and accommodations.

Of course, the main intention is to offer better functionality, comfort and accessibility for those people that have mobility impediments. 

Such compliant involves the following elements: 

Bathroom sink:

 it must of certain size and to be placed at a specific height, so use it becomes easier. 

Bathroom vanity:

 drawers and vanities in general must be big enough and located in specific places, improving accessibility. 

Bathroom layout:

 one of the most important aspects ADA compliant bathrooms meet is the layout and use of space.

Wheelchair access and other devices must be consider, so space must be wide and open. 

Grab bars and handrails:

 ADA bathrooms must include elements like grab bars and handrails, making easier for users to stand up, sit and as grabbing element in case of a fall or similar incidental. 

Bathroom door:

 usually, the bathroom door must be redesigned to meet ADA requirements in case of renovations. Such door must by wider than usual so the aforementioned wheelchair and similar devices may enter. 

Bathroom faucets:

 the faucet is an important element in any ADA compliant bathroom.

In the same way height is an aspect to improve accessing, so contactless faucets for better and easier use. 

Bathroom showers:

 showers, maybe the most important element in any bathroom.

ADA guidelines respecting showers are clear:

non-slippery flooring, enough space to fit a wheelchair, grab bars, shower heads and similar elements must be included. In this way, safety and comfort are guaranteed. 

A bathroom renovation that meets with such particular type of requirement and specification is definitely worth it, when a person living in the property is going to actually take benefit from it.

In that case, an ADA compliant bathroom is perfect by increasing general safety, comfort, use of space while at the same time is as beautiful as any other bathroom. 

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Bathroom renovations in Miami-Dade County

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