Bathroom remodel in Miami-Dade County: considerations and tips before doing it

Bathroom remodeling in Miami: Beautify your bathroom with outstanding vanities

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Even more so than kitchens, bathrooms are house areas that homeowners are interested in remodeling every few years, as important places where is possible to relax and spend some time for themselves in private where comfort is key. 

The benefit is that bathrooms are smaller and with fewer elements that make the process of renovating quicker and cheaper in comparison to other areas of the house. Request a solution and contractor respecting bathroom remodel in Miami-Dade County with Premier Remodeling, and get to have skilled workers and designers that know best about bathroom renovation for that clean and customize look. 

Tips to take into account before the actual bathroom remodel project 

Sure, the intention of any costumer at the moment of requesting a bath remodeling at their home is to first: change the layout and design, improve efficiency and how elements function and can save resources and also to give the space a completely custom environment that goes with homeowner´s personal preferences. 

However, before carrying out all of these purposes that are obviously important at the moment of remodeling and apply the renovation task, there are a few things that are valuable to consider and tips at this stage that will improve the finished bathroom, in terms of comfort, efficiency, selection of elements and more that will translate into a more cost-effective project. Let´s start. 

Consider bathroom ventilation

Bathrooms are usually tight spaces with improper or virtually no ventilation whatsoever, increasing temperature and humidity, giving moisture and other consequences as result. This can be addressed by adding a window that is big enough. 

In case there is no possibility of installing a new window even at this stage of remodeling, the recommendation is to add an exhaust fan for ventilation purposes. In this way, air will run through the bathroom and temperature can be controlled for more comfort. 

Pro tip: at the moment of choosing an exhaust fan, pick one big and with enough power (sufficient cubic feet of air it can move per minute) and also consider produced decibels, being the silencer the better. 

Get some extra room with recessed components 

While the majority of the bathrooms do not have a lot space to begin with, there are some that due to unavailable room in a property result significantly tight. When remodeling this type of tiny bathroom, every extra room that can be obtained makes huge different and one way of achieving this is by taking advantage of recessed components. 

Recessed or built-ins elements in the bathroom: toilet-paper holders, built-in soap plates and cabinets allow to recover space that in other way would be unnecessarily occupied. Even lights with flatten devices can be recessed and save even more space. Hooks also work. 

Choose appropriate flooring regarding bath remodeling in Broward County 

bath remodeling miami

One very important aspect of bathrooms in general is the flooring, especially the one installed in the shower. In this case, selected materials to install on the bathroom floor not only must be picked in terms of visuals and looks, but also for functionality, safety and practicality. 

To begin with, make sure not to pick solid wood floor for obvious reason that are related with water. Instead, the recommendation is to choose strong and waterproof materials that are able to handle extensive use and regular daily conditions. Ceramic, vinyl and porcelain tiles are ideal for bathroom flooring. 

Also, textured tiles are always recommended to resist even more, at the same time adding an extra layer of safety since they do not have slipping feature. 

Do not forget about beadboards in the bathroom 

A beadboard is something that is very useful to have in the bathroom, especially in the shower area. Specifically, the beadboard is the protective surface that is recommended to put in bathrooms from the bottom floor and reaching up to 48 inches on every wall, in order to protect against water and humidity. 

Whether beadboards are built with ceramic and wainscot tiles or by applying an oil-based layer of waterproofed paint, they serve the purpose of protecting against moisture and other damaging elements. At the same time, with this component customers have the opportunity to add another layer of decoration and have a unique bathroom. 

Apply any of the tips mentioned above and more by carrying a bathroom remodel project in Miami-Dade County, and enjoy a more cost-effective, optimal and completely customized bathroom with the help of Premier Remodeling, with experts that know what to do and advanced knowledge in the field, along with attention to detail and focus on clients´ needs.

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