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Bathtub installation in Miami

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Bathroom renovation and general remodeling are the most common projects homeowners carry out at their residential properties, as a way to adapt this important area into their specific needs in space, decoration, functionality, environment, and more. Whether you need to replace a faucet or completely remodel the room and shower from tile floor to ceiling, hire bathroom designers in South Florida at Premier Remodeling

Dare to give your master bathroom a complete change and install that sink you like so much, modify the walls so it can be bigger and add that dream tub to relax for hours. Either you need a small modification to a big one and get everything in bathroom components from plumbing pipes to luxury faucets, Premier Remodeling have you covered in different south regions of the Florida state and east coast of the US. 

The best bathroom renovation and remodeling solutions in Miami 

Premier Remodeling is the leading company in this regard that covers from South Florida and all the way to Miami and other regions, as a business specialized in renovating and remodeling spaces in residential properties that include the bathroom. 

Like this, homeowners have the opportunity of taking advantage of different solutions to renovate, remodel and completely transform a bathroom into the one that customers actually see in their vision and more, whether the project is small and require particular improvements to those comprehensive ventures where such personal space is completely modified. 

With our service at Premier Remodeling, your project will be backed up by a team of experts and licensed professionals with years of experience in the field, who are ready to face unexpected events and challenges that are probably to appear in every remodeling project. 

The good news is, by hiring our company from the inspection to the finish of the renovation project, it will be one-stop shop and you will not have anything to worry about, leaving the actual work to skilled pros in the field. 

Specific services for remodeling bathrooms in Miami-Dade County 

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These are some of the specific services for bathroom renovations and remodeling, from replacing components to simply disassemble or remodel and completely transform the space, so at the end it would look exactly as intended by the customer. These services are: 

Toilet installation:

replace and install a new toilet in your bathroom for a more comfortable one. Enjoy a more modern latrine with efficient designs: tank-less toilets that save space and at the same time use less water, or even smart ones that get warmth when sitting on them. 

Tile floor installation:

change the tile floor for a new one that looks more pleasant and also provide better grip and safety with textured finish. You will be able to choose from a variety of tiles and different materials that go with every budget.

Tub Installation: for a better and relaxing experience in your master bathroom, adding a tub is the perfect solution. Actually, tubs are a lot more modern and better designed than before, saving space and wisely crafted since available surface is less and less as days go by. 

Shower and shower door installation:

 replace the shower and install and more modern and efficient one, with more beautiful and trendy design. Also, replace the shower door with a reel-based one for better convenience and looks, with glass or acrylic plates and decorations. 

Add the faucet and sink of your dream:

 renovating a bathroom will not be possible without adding a new faucet and sink, with plenty of options to choose from: racked sinks or faucets that are installed directly wall-mounted to save space and follow this trend. 

Change complete layout:

 carry out a comprehensive project and change your bathroom completely, by modifying the layout and position of the components for better space distribution, efficiency and look in general that involve from plumbing reinstallation and electrical wiring to entire lighting placement and water flow. 

The best bathroom designers in South Florida to find are at Premier Remodeling, with a guaranteed service that ensure professionalism, getting things done and work under a reasonable timeline, always considering customers´ intentions and personal taste at their property. Feel free to contact us and request an inspection to start your remodeling project soon. 

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